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The Nine Foot Sergeant CD
CD available with 16 great tracks

Dancing Ledge, 'The Nine Foot Sergeant' CD, includes all our favourite Celtic songs. Priced at £10.00 (plus £1 p&p) the CD makes an excellent gift for friends and family. Why not treat yourself, and treasure this traditional music.


Dancing Ledge Prelude / The Crooked Road - Download sample (6 MB)
An atmospheric composition from the band followed by 4 traditional reels.
CAROL - keyboard; CLIVE - fiddle; JOHN - melodeon; PETE - flute.

My Father's Son - Download sample (4 MB)
An Appellation mining song borrowed from America.
CLIVE - vocals, harmonica, guitar, fiddles; PETE - banjo, dobro, percussion.
3. The Connemara Favourite/The Cloon
Two traditional Irish reels.
CLIVE - fiddle; PETE - guitar, flute.
4. Cahirlistrane / The Mist Covered Mountain / The Clare Jig
Three traditional Irish jigs.
CAROL - piano; CLIVE - fiddle; JOHN - melodeon; PETE - flute, banjo.
5. The Galtee Mountain Boy
An old republican song with a lively lilt - sit back and enjoy.
CLIVE - vocals; PETE - mandolin.
6. Hartigans Fancy / Captain White
Two rollocking 48 bar dance jigs - don't sit down for this one!
CAROL - piano; CLIVE - fiddle; JOHN - melodeon; PETE - flute, banjo.
7. Polka Zardini
Three traditional Polka's plus one written by Clive whilst playing outside the Farmacia Zardini, Cortina D'Ampetto. Stay on your feet.
CLIVE - fiddle; PETE - guitar.
8. Spancil Hill
A Californian Irishman dreaming of home in County Clare. Have a lie down now.
CLIVE - vocals, mandolin, fiddle, guitar; PETE - guitar, pipe organ, whistle.
9. The Log Cabin / The Geese Of Tullo / The Sailor's Bonnet
Three Irish reels from the band.
CAROL - keyboards; CLIVE - fiddle; JOHN - melodeon; PETE - flute, banjo.
10. Lucy Farr's Nos. 1&2 / Seamus Cousins
Two polkas written by Lucy Farr and one traditional.
CAROL - piano; CLIVE - fiddle; JOHN - melodeon; PETE - flute.
11. Vigilante Man
A Woody Guthrie song depicting depression era America which speaks for itself.
CLIVE - vocal, mandolin, harmonica, fiddle; PETE - guitar, banjo, dobro.
12. The Honeysuckle/ The Kingston/The Rights of Man
Three dance hornpipes introduced to the band by John.
CAROL - piano; CLIVE - fiddle; JOHN - melodeon; PETE - flute.
13. The Heavy Jigs
Two traditional jigs which sit either side of one of our own compositions.
CLIVE - fiddle; PETE - guitar, banjo.
14. Shady Grove
Our arrangement of a good old hillbilly song.
CLIVE - vocals, fiddles, mandolin; PETE - guitar, dobro.
15. Road to Blandford/ The Nine Foot Sergeant
Two reels written by Clive. The Nine Foot Sergeant is also the name of our duo.
CLIVE - fiddle; PETE - guitar.
16. Dancing Ledge Epilogue
The complete Dancing Ledge composition by Clive, Pete and Carol.
CAROL - string synthesizer; CLIVE - fiddle, vocal; PETE - flute.

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